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Welcome to AlpyBlog...Ski, travel and all things Alpine

What? Why? Who? All valid questions… Thousands of people venture forth on a ski holiday each year, so we thought it was time to start talking about the world of the mountains, skiing and all things alpine.
The Mountains Are Calling Blog

So welcome to the first of many AlpyBus Blogs. Blogs we hope you’ll find super handy - whether you live in a ski resort all the time (lucky you) whether you are planning your 1st or 30th ski or summer holiday in the GLORIOUS mountains or simply for some light reading because you’re that way inclined.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. I’ve been appointed the chief blogger for AlpyBus, and I will be here to report on the mysterious world of skiing, snowboarding and snow related fun, plus any travel advice, and in the summer months- all that summery stuff, mountain biking, cycling, hiking up big old hills and of course chilling in the sunshine.

We get heaps of calls here in the Alpy office and often impart our knowledge and sometimes opinions on our customers. Being residents of the main resorts we operate in, local knowledge comes with the job description. And normally our customers, new and regular, appreciate the advice, so now we are here in the online world. Hello.

As you may know we offer transfers to 3 major ski resorts, Chamonix, Morzine and Verbier and (we can also offer other resorts or more specilised trips, so feel free to ask!) But that doesn’t mean all the blogs will be just about these places, I hope to offer up a balanced serving of fun facts, advice, rants and general information about snow conditions.

We’ve also had some clever technical geek people redesign our website so for more key information we have a guide page for each of the resorts we transfer too (Guide to Morzine, guide to Chamonix, guide to Verbier.)

That’s all for now but watch this space for more, and head over to our Facebook page for regular updates.

Au revoir!

Team Alpy
Snowboard On Snow