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Top Five Reasons to Visit the Three Valleys

Our friends at Alpine Infusion know Val Thorens, so we asked them to tell us why they think you should visit!
If you’ve ever been involved with the world of skiing before, it’s likely you’ve heard of the Three Valleys. With spectacular views, a huge choice of pistes and top-quality resorts, it’s no surprise that it remains a huge priority for anyone looking to hit the slopes.

Consisting of the valleys themselves, Saint-Bon, Allues and Belleville, the Three Valleys is the largest skiing area in the world. All are connected exclusively by ski lifts and mountain sides, meaning there’s plenty for sport fanatics to dig their skis into.

With so much to enjoy, we’ve decided to put together the top five reasons to visit the Three Valleys. So, pack your things and get ready to hit the Alps this season!

Snowboard Piste Val Thorens

You’ll Never Run out of Slopes

The sheer scale of the Three Valleys means you’ll never run dry when it comes to pistes and ski runs. There’s no necessity to run the same slope twice, as you’ll have so many different ones to pick from! Make the most of your trip and explore as much as you can of the scenery and courses.

You can afford to be picky when it comes to resort options too, with eight unique selections to choose from. Finding the right one for you is essential and will make your stay as perfect as possible. There are 25 accessible summits, 321 Alpine ski runs, 169 ski lifts and over 600 kilometres of interconnected ski runs.

The bountiful alternatives ensure you can visit the Three Valleys more than once and find something brand new. This isn’t a one-time experience! You’ll always have fresh events, slopes and activities to come back to.

Val Thorens Skiier Blog

It’s the Perfect Place to Learn

Are you a beginner when it comes to skiing?

The Three Valleys is the perfect place to pick up your boots and poles for the first time. Each resort has ski instructing on offer, meaning you can get to grips with the basics whilst surrounded by fantastic Alpine views.

Make the most of your trip and master the Three Valleys! 

Leisure Activities are Top Notch

With all of its size and scale, the Three Valleys never disappoints when it comes to restaurants, cafes and night time bars. Each resort has its own distinct social scene, offering fine food, a heap of atmosphere and plenty of drink.

Be sure to visit at festive times of the year, as you’ll be able to enjoy special seasonal events and performances exclusively to the region. Places such as Courchevel and Meribel offer a variety of activities, even in the January weeks, which will enrich your experience and give you something a little different.

It’s not just the ongoing festivities, either, as you can browse and choose from many high-end accommodation services. At Alpine Infusion, we have top-of-the range, luxury chalets in both Courchevel and Meribel that offer the very best experience the Three Valleys has to offer.

Val Thorens At Night

There’s Plenty to do During the Summer Months

You’ll likely want to spend your time sledging, skiing and snowboarding around the Three Valleys, but there are also lots of other activities available that you can get involved with during the summer.

You can hike across the terrain along many designated walks, mountain bike and even shop! Bring along a camera for those picture-perfect views, bring some spending money and discover the unique views, goods and services available all year round. 

All Ranges of Ski Ability are Welcome

This is a great destination for families, mixed groups and different levels of ability. There’s so much to choose from that you can opt for an intense black run if it suits you, or take on a gentler, green run. From kids to seasoned professionals, everyone is welcome.

Make sure to plan ahead and check out your resort before you arrive. It’s always a good idea to determine which runs look best for you and your family so you can get straight to the action!

Are you looking to head to the Three Valleys for a much needed getaway? 

Make sure to get the best possible experience with Alpine Infusion’s luxury, award-winning chalet accommodation. They provide private transfers, complimentary food and catering services across our range of accommodation. Browse and book yours today!