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Things to do in Annecy!

Annecy Town France

Things to do in Annecy

Well, after some wet May weather, summer has finally arrived in the French Alps. Along with the nice weather, we welcome in our new service to Annecy, running 6 times daily and serving both Annecy Airport (Meythet), Annecy Gare Routiere and Geneva airport. We hope to take many of you to and from this beautiful alpine hot spot this summer,  so whether you need a shuttle for a day trip to Annecy or even if you work in Geneva and need and simple and easy way to get from Annecy to Geneva for work our shuttle service has got your covered.

If you’ve ever been to this region of the Alps you’ll certainly have heard people gushing about how pretty Annecy is, so we thought we would share some our favourite things to do here.

Annecy is very easy to reach, it takes around 1 hour with our shared shuttle service and with prices as low as 14.50euro these is really no excuse not to visit.

Paddle Boarding Stand Up Annecy

What to do in Annecy?


Chateau D’Annecy 

We couldn’t mention Annecy without some sort of reference to the best tourist attractions. This stunning castle played residence to the counts of the 13th century and even became a military barrack in the 1940. Nowadays you will be lucky enough to sample some of the local artwork from around the region as there are often installations popping up all over the grounds. Ticket prices for entry into the Chateau start at around 4euro, plus you can also get combo tickets that give you access to the other famous spots in town like the Palais de l'Isle.


Stand Up Paddle boarding

It is no surprise that one our favourite activities in Annecy is lake related. The stunning crystal clear water is enough to make you weak at the knees and in the height of summer the water is very warming making it the perfect spot for SUP.

Prices range for around 10euro and hour to 20 euro an hour depending on what spot you pick. There is some light currenty through the lake so make sure you give yourself enough time to get back. This is a great place for beginger to learn, unlike near the sea where you can catch waves that set you off balance, paddle boarding on the lake is the ultimate fun.

Le Palais Des Glaces Annecy Ice Cream

Eating Ice Cream & Perusing the Shops    

Perhaps some would say this isn’t a tourist attraction but in our opinion the choice of ice cream parlours and gelatos is second to none in Annecy, often a visit will incur 2 or 3  trips for ice cream. So much so Annecy is featured as one of THE BEST placed in France to eat Ice Cream!

After you’ve over indulged you’ll be ready for some retail therapy, Annecy is a local mecca for those wanting something a little different, Annecy has a diverse range of well recognised brands, many housed under a famous Galleries Lafayet, as well as lots of local and regional artisans with hand made pottery, jewellery and wines from the region. We love this little blog on what to do in Annecy, plus the gorgeous pictures will certainly encourage visitors from all over the world -


With so much to see and do, including local boat trips that give a great overview on the local history, as well as walking and hiking tours we understand why Annecy is such a popular spot and a beautiful place to live. With our low cost shuttle service to Annecy it couldn’t be more simple to get to and from Annecy.

See you on the mountain!

Team Alpy