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Packing for a Ski or Snowboarding Holiday

Oh packing… some of us love it, some of us hate it - but it doesn’t have to be a pain.

Packing for a winter holiday offers up the sort of physical and mental challenge few are cut out for. Beach holidays are a breeze - flip flops and bikinis – easy peasy – jumpers and ski boots – not so simple.

Having been in and out of ski resorts for the past few years I think I’ve got this packing thing down to a fine art, so hopefully you’ll enjoy our top 10 handy packing tips and use our check list of essentials when you’re packing for your next ski holiday.

Ski Packing Luggage

Top 10 Ski and Snowboarding Holiday Packing Tips

1.     Roll Stuff! - This definitely makes more space overall and clothes will be less creased believe it or not, roll away. We love this packing guide from especially as it tells you more about the types of bag that could work for you.

Or check out RealSimples guide to packing here:

2.     Utilise Space – Stuff your shoes with other items, whether it be socks, tshirts or undies that way there is no ‘dead space’ The same goes for using the space in you ski and snowboard boots- cram in your gloves and ski socks to make the most of them!

3.     Travel wearing heavy bulky items – Granted you may need to strip off on the plane but it does mean those bulky items aren’t taking up valuable case space plus you’ll be toasty on arrival into your ski resort.

4.     Pack some cooler items - Bars and restaurants tend to over compensate for the cold with fires and heating so you will often find yourself wrapped up too warm for dinner and drinks, layer up that way you can take items off if you are overheating!

5.     Pack a plastic bag -Don’t forget your plastic bag for any liquids in your hand luggage, remember these need to be easily accessible and under 100ml per bottle.

6.     Take a picture of the contents of your luggage – if the worst happens and it goes astray on your flight it’s good to have for insurance claims.

7.     Get a case that you can lift –there is no point buying a case so big that when you fill it you cannot move it  - so be sensible! We love this brand, super adaptable, clever design travel bags for the outdoors types, plus they look awesome too

Douchebag 1200X450 C

8.     Make the most of the space – Your ski or snowboard bag will have lots of space surrounding the gear- so use it for other stuff (some people even use the whole thing that way no checked luggage needed!) But if you do this make sure you get one with wheels otherwise point 7 applies!

9.     Don’t leave anything behind - Doh – ok this is clearly a no brainer but if you do happen to forget goggles or gloves those bad boys will set you back a pretty penny in resort so be sure to go through our checklist before you leave!

10. Check the allowance - Last but not least be sure to check with your airline what the luggage allowance is, including weight and dimensions, you don’t want to get hit with pesky fees, if you a likely to overpack, invest in a luggage scale if needs be!

Ski and Snowboard Packing Essentials Checklist

Techy Stuff

o   Plug adaptor for relevant country

o   Phone Charger / Camera Charger or spare battery

o   Portable music player

o   Headphones

o   Camera

o   Memory Card for camera

o   Hair dryer (unless supplier by accom- be sure to check!)


o   Suncream

o   Medications

o   Lipbalm (SPF essential!)

o   Contacts/Glasses

o   Deoderant

o   First aid kit

o   Shampoo/ Conditioner

o   Shower gel/ Soap

o   Toothbrush and toothpaste


o   Passport

o   Travel Insurance

o   Money/currency

o   Print outs of bookings e.g. boarding pass, transfer e-ticket, accommodation details.

o   Cereal bars for mountain hunger. (Which is imminent)


o   Suitable warm waterproof footwear.

o   Thermals.

o   Underwear.

o   Necker or facemask.

o   Gloves or mittens (I suggest mitts if you suffer from cold hands)

o   Beanie or warm hat.

o   Hoodie and shell layer for colder days.

o   Ski/snowboard jacket and pants.

o   Goggles (and sunglasses) if you have a spare lens for low light then even better.

o   Ski socks and normal socks.

o   Clothing for non ski time - jeans, jumpers, pjs, etc.

Gear (if not renting)

o   Snowboard or skis

o   Board boots or ski boots

o   Poles

o   Helmet

Vintage Luggage

Well that’s all for now – I really hope these lists help you. The packing list is by no means exhaustive but we do encourage not to pack the kitchen sink.

Recent surveys show that women are the main culprit – only using 60 % of what they actually pack! Plus a third of these women also got caught on on excess luggage fees….

So be brutal but be practical!

Planning on doing on a ski season? We also love this little packing guide

Team Alpy