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Good health! What does it mean?

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." 

The Definition has not been amended since 1948.
Hiking Verbier Health Retreat

Health; is not about the handstand. It is not about the avocado epidemic and it is certainly not about how ripped your six pack is.  Health is more than just fighting disease and plastering the symptoms it is about the way we live, think and feel. It is so much more than the sum of its parts. Negative thinking and stress directly affects the body and has been shown to propel illness while optimism can help speed up recovery. So let us consider the mind and body and their bidirectional relationship with regards to optimum health.

The way you move affects how you feel. The way you feel affects how you think and the way you think affects how you are.

So grab those trainers and get moving. It is not about pounding the pavement but connecting with your body mindfully and finding strength through movement. Your body is a vehicle for experiencing life so the greater your physical condition the better you will experience ‘living’. Exercise is this panacea that seems to protect both physical and emotional wellness and outdoor exercise is the ultimate health injection. Even if it’s just time out in the fresh air, your mind will thank you for it. You have your car mot’d, your hair cut and so why not invest some time in yourself.

A study by Urban Mind show that there has been an even stronger finding between exercise and well being when it is done outside in nature. This positive effect can last up  to 7 hours. So if you head out in the morning for 30 mins you can stay in good spirits all day in the office. Imagine if the whole country took part. Perhaps our NHS bill would come down. has introduced eco therapy, an umbrella name to describe activities in nature or ‘ green exercise’. There is outstanding ‘evidence that portrays the protective effect of greenness on depression’.

Health Retreat Verbier

Outdoor fitness is the core to all of our retreats.  Our locations have been handpicked so we can literally step out to the most incredible training ground. We use the natural environment as a playground and have created a timetable to ensure you move in a varied and functional way that is akin to our hunter gatherer ancestors. If you can feel the benefits after 30 mins just imagine how you would feel after a week on retreat. 

Join us in Verbier, Sardinia, Iceland, Sri Lanka, Tuscany and the UK for a truly transformative holiday.

We would like to offer AlpsBus clients 15% off our Verbier retreats (winter and summer) and 10% off our other locations. For more info follow us @mountainbeachfitnessretreats